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Unpacking & Assembly

Q: How do I assemble my TOPQ Grill?          (Click here to check the video)

A: Refer to the owner's manual included with your grill for assembly instructions, pls contact us, we will send you it ASAP.

Q: I have the standard TOPQ Ceramic Kamado BBQ Grills. Where does the ceramic heat resistance plate go?
A: Regulally, the ceramic heat resistance plate is optional accessory, pls click here for it.

Q: The interior ceramic fire bowl does not sit flush and wobbles.
A: While the interior fire bowl is precision machined, each ceramic dome and vessel is handmade and may have slight level variances. To accommodate the possibility that the bottom of the vessel is not flush, Topq grill has designed each interior fire bowl with 3 raised feet. If your interior fire bowl does not set flush, or wobbles, please slightly reposition the interior fire bowl until the bowl is flush and no longer wobbles. If repositioning of the interior fire bowl does not resolve the issue, please email for additional solutions from our Customer Support Team.

Q: On inspecting the interior fire box I noticed there seems to be a crack running from the bottom of the expansion gap to the center of the bottom kamado shell.
A: Periodically, unglazed ceramic will experience what looks like a crack but rather is a surface fracture and will not affect the strength or performance of the interior bottom shell. In the event any cracking is not a surface fracture, and a crack migrates or the bottom shell breaks, please email a picture of the damage to the Topq grill Customer Support team for a replacement.

Q: Do I have to season the grill by running it at a low temperature on the first use?
A: Many online resources suggest "seasoning" a Kamado grill for 3-5 hours at low temperatures before using at more extreme temperatures. Since the process for constructing ceramic involves kilning at 2400+ degrees, "seasoning" prior to using a Kamado to its full capabilities is not necessary to improve the long term performance. The suggestion by many Kamado manufacturers to "season" your grill during the first use is to cause the adhesive attaching the felt gasketing to strengthen and not separate from the ceramic. Since Topq grill uses high quality 3M adhesive for its gasketing, your Topq grill Kamado is fully operational immediately after assembly.

Q: What should I do if my Topq grill kamado does not fit tightly in the cart?
A: Because each kamado is hand-made, there are variations in body size. We have designed our cart to accommodate for these variations, and at times, it is common to have a small gap between the cart and the bottom of the bottom shell. This innovative design feature allows for enhanced stability and reduces the risk of tipping.


Q: When I removed the grill from the box I noticed a small chip or two on the exterior. Will this affect the performance of my Topq grill Kamado?
A: After ceramic parts are kilned at 2400 degrees, each is finished with a high temperature glaze followed by multi-step quality control testing. However, if any moisture is retained in the ceramic before application of the high temperature glaze, there is a risk of this moisture surfacing after quality testing. This can cause the glaze to chip, creating a blemish on the exterior and exposing a small amount of ceramic. The blemish only occurs where moisture reached the surface and will not spread. The blemish is purely cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the grill in any way. If you discover any blemishes on your Topq Grill upon assembly, please email the Customer Support Team at for an easy to apply repair kit. If you believe the blemishes to be excessive, please email pictures of the damage to for additional solutions.

Q: There seems to be a part missing from the packaging. What should I do?
A: Each Topq grill is subject to a multi-step quality control process prior to shipment. However, periodically a TOPQ Grill is shipped with a missing part. If you discover a part is missing during the assembly process, please email the Topq grill Customer Support Team at for immediate shipment of the part.

Q: What should I do if the ceramic part(s) or side shelf was broken or cracked when removed from the box?
A: Should any parts be broken or cracked when delivered, please contact the Topq grill Customer Service Department for replacement options.

Q: The gaskets on the grill has burned or is falling off. What can I do?
A: While all Topq grill are equipment with high quality FDA approved felt gaskets attached with 3M adhesive, the long-term performance of the original gasket will depend on how individual Topq Grill owners use their grill. Consistent use of you Topq Grill at extreme temperatures (550 degrees+) may shorten the life of the gaskets and require replacement. It should also be noted that over time the gaskets may become discolored and flatten slightly due to exposure to heat and drippings from foods cooked and/or sauces applied. Discoloration or flattening will not affect the performance of your Topq Grill. In fact, the long-term smoke buildup around the gasket actually helps the grill seal and retain heat better. Should your gaskets burn or experience visual smoke leakage, please email the Topq grill Customer Support team to coordinate a replacement gasket. Topq grill will be offering an FDA approved Nomex gasket upgrade to improve performance and gasket longevity for high usage owners.

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